Anderson Blues 

Welcome to our blueberry farms to pick the freshest batch to take back home for your family. Enjoy your time here with us with a variety of beverages to try out. Learn about our farming methods which makes us grow the best blueberries in the country.

U-Pick Berries

Help us select a perfect batch of berries for you. You can enjoy complete access to our entire farm while you are with us. You can pick the berries that taste the best for you can we will pack the entire batch right away for shipping.

How It Works


We take orders from restaurants and hotels for advanced batch deliveries. With 200 acres of blueberry land, we have enough to fulfil every demand we get.

On-Demand Harvesting

We take care of our entire produce until its time to fulfil an order. On-demand harvesting allows our customers to enjoy the freshest batches of blueberries on every order.

Fast Delivery

Get your blueberry packages delivered at the fastest rates around the city and outskirts. Our service is also available for by-air shipment to our partner restaurants.

For Consumer

Our blueberries are cherished in over 4000 homes in the city. Our customers have never been disappointed with our service in our history.

For Business

We have connections with the best restaurants around the city and other districts where we supply the freshest cartoons of blueberries to serves their customers.

For Farmers

Our team supports the farmers association for all the needs of our workers and the rights which motivates them to serve the nation.

With over 80 years of farming, we have gained the trust of the locals and nearby towns for growing the best blueberries. Our programs have been well planned the new generations to connect with the modern world while delivering the same traditional values through our blueberries.

Fun For All Ages!

Come join us in an entertaining picnic fest every weekend with your family. We have great learning opportunities for the genius and plenty of fun for the kids as well.

Pet Friendly

We would be happy to let your pets meet ours on a sunny picnic day.

Family Fun

We have enough entertainment and learning activities for everyone.


Learn to make great blueberry recipes and enjoy trying out different flavours.

Happy Visitors

“It was a great experience. I never imagined that I would get to learn so much from just a simple farm trip. I am surely coming back again soon. ”

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